Used Car Inspection Services – The Basics enables transparency in the valuation of used vehicles. It creates a strong differentiator for a vehicle and helps drive the transaction closer to the fair value of the used car or bike with greater trust.

Independently checking the quality and condition of cars and motorcycles benefits the sellers and buyers equally – vehicle sellers can know the exact issues, if any, upfront and therefore can take corrective measures. It also helps set the right expectations in their minds about a fair price for their used car or bike. Buyers have added peace of mind that an independent professional agency has checked the vehicle and documented its findings for everyone to see.

The service is executed with repeatable precision and we go extra length to ensure a hassle free experience for the customer. Few clicks of mouse and you are done. We inspect the vehicle at your convenient schedule, at your doorsteps, and provide the detailed inspection report in a few hours flat. This helps you to finalize the vehicle as soon as possible in an informed manner.

For sellers, an independent and transparent vehicle quality assessment from CheckGaadi can provide an attractive price premium – if your vehicle is awesome why not brag about it 🙂 After all it helps increase the trust on your vehicle and helps the used vehicle buyer make up their minds faster

For buyers, using these services boosts the confidence in the used car or bike and they can assign a realistic price to it based on the objective criteria. The vehicle inspection checklist is quite exhaustive and the inspection report is easy to understand. It covers all aspects of the safety, smoothness, drive quality and aesthetics for the vehicle.

Enjoy a fun ride 🙂