Top 10 reasons for a used car inspection service

When it comes to used car inspection, the customer has multiple options today – he can ask friends to recommend a good technician – he can also take neighborhood garage technician to the location of car – or he can order the services of a used car inspection service agency like

Used car inspection service

Considering that most – about 90% – of the used cars are purchased and sold between two unknown people, we sat down to understand if the used car inspection space is adequately served.

Since no car is bought in reality without some sort of used car inspection, we wanted to know if there are any gaps which make the overall customer experience less than satisfactory. Our research was quite revealing and eventually led us to launch

In this post we would like to share the top 10 reasons for considering a used car inspection service:

  1. No running around to get access to good technicians for used car inspection
  2. No uncertainty about the qualifications of a technician checking the car
  3. No doubts about neutrality of the technician inspecting the car
  4. Car inspection is performed at the location of the vehicle or any location of your choice
  5. You can schedule the used car inspection in advance based on your availability and convenience
  6. No last minute haggling about payment
  7. Transparency about the strengths and weaknesses of the used car through a detailed report
  8. Full understanding in advance about the expected expenses in short to medium term
  9. Best practices followed through the used car inspection checklist – no more crystal ball gazing 🙂
  10. Single window for used cars inspection of all car brands especially if your shortlist has multiple cars

In fact a professional used car inspection service goes beyond just these benefits to buyers – it is turning out to be a boon for the vehicle sellers too. Read more about this in our blog post how we help buyers and sellers of used cars or bikes., or even this one.

In the unlikely situation that you would like a bit more convincing 🙂 please read our views on the case for used car or bike Inspection and the economics of used car inspection. For all others who already see benefits can begin by understanding the basics and get the process started for used car inspection. It also helps you decide on the right valuation of the used car so you can avoid paying a high price for a car with multiple issues.

We pride ourselves in being fully unbiased and trustworthy. Like everything there is a price to pay to enforce this neutrality but we are very happy to pay this price since the benefits to the society as a whole far outweigh these costs. Read all about why does not buy or sell vehicles.

Tell us what you think – do you still face issues which are not covered by a used car inspection service like We would love to hear from you.